NHSX Urgent requirement for Agile Delivery Services. Two urgent DISCOs:

1. Maternity – interviewing mothers in London hospitals on their experiences
2. Contact Information – for vaccinations, checkups, free cancer scans etc.
DWP-DHSC collaboration on occupational health.


Our Definia public sector team helped scope the work and build the team profile to meet the outcomes. Definia arranged briefing and qualification meetings with the stakeholders. Within two weeks of instruction we deployed our first Agile Squad, including DM, BA, ID, UR and PM specialists with GDS service standard’s experience, to augment with permanent staff.

The solution
The Outcome


Our deployed teams, augmented with civil service staff, successfully delivered the discovery findings to GDS service standards. Our teams have been retained to deliver Alpha. During the outbreak of Covid19, we have demonstrated flexibility by offered change of scope to support the delivery of urgent digital services in other workstreams.