We all stand together

DEI now drives positive change across UK businesses.

For us at Definia and as part of The IN Group, the direction of change we needed to adopt could only come from one place – from the voices of our people.

Everything we do starts and ends with people. Kindness and inclusion underpin who we are, how we unite, and how we interact with each other and our customers. Culturally, we lead with a supportive mindset because listening, talking and togetherness are key to accelerating positive and lasting change.

We are committed to evolving stronger and braver into the future – because change, togetherness, inclusion, and happiness, are an always and everybody objective.

Our mission principles

We want our people to know that they can bring their true selves to work every day, without fear of judgment.

Through evaluation, we listened to global thought leaders on workplace change and learned that the best way to spark meaningful change is to include everyone, from junior recruits to our board. Every voice can inform change, and every voice is valuable.

Our internal and external DEI strategy is set around these three principles:

  • Attraction – how we look to attract and retain the best talent across Definia. 
  • Facilitation – organising platforms for groups to share experiences and successes.
  • Evolution – providing the tools for our people to turn the dial on culture longer term.

We work hard to ensure our people feel supported and heard. Our quarterly DEI committee meetings offer a safe, inclusive space to discuss all things DEI. We talk honestly about what we’re still working on and where we might need to make changes in the future.

Moving forward

DEI targets are a great starting point, but getting this right is more than quotas for us. We’ve also introduced TIDE (Talent Inclusion and Diversity Evaluation) to analyse where we were, and where we needed to go. Since then, our business engagement has risen from 46% to 72%, and this is just a start; we are committed to achieving much more.

We understand that people are at the heart of every transformation. We are actively making connections, increasing the wider understanding, sharing experiences, and bringing these into the mainstream. We take time to listen to the challenges others face and give our voice when it matters.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions on how we can go even further with our DEI efforts.


Rachael Hays

DEI committee lead, Definia

“Moving forward, we want to turn the dial even more, and have set ourselves an ambitious TIDE target of 85% for 2024 – no pressure! Our vision is to continue fostering an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected.”

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