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Definia is a leading Transformation Consultancy dedicated to empowering organisations across industries to achieve sustainable growth, adapt to change, and optimise performance. With a proven track record of delivering impactful transformations, we are committed to driving innovation and excellence in our client engagements.

Our advisory services are delivered through our ‘Lead Principal Associates’ bringing a wealth of experience being consultants, industry experts, analysts, and technical specialists, allowing for a more comprehensive and flexible approach to problem-solving.

How our Advisory Services can help you

Ultimately, our advisory services provide a strategic approach to drive innovation, deliver efficiency and achieve sustainable growth in today’s digital-first world. We do this via:

Digital Maturity Assessment​ 

Health-check & Roadmap for aligning digital and technology strategy to business strategy to include Culture, People, Process, Tech, Data 

TOM Design & Alignment 

Defining, designing and delivering dynamic operating model to support your transformation journey. 

Transformation Assurance & Management 

Prioritisation, shaping and oversight of the transformation roadmap to fully achieve the business benefit and value from your strategic transformations. 

Programme ​Readiness Assessment​ 

Pre-define stage to set a transformation programme up for success – alignment and readiness health check for ideation and initiation​. 

Meet the experts

Our Lead Principal Associates bring a wealth of experience as consultants, industry experts, analysts, and technical specialists.
If you would like to be part of the community, reach out to the team.

Alex Clixby
Lead Principal Associate
  • Joined Definia: April 2024
  • Key specialities: IT Leadership & transformation
  • Mastermind specialist subject: England rugby
Craig Ambler
Lead Principal Associate
  • Joined TIG: April 2024
  • Key specialities: Digital strategy & transformations
  • Mastermind specialist subject: 007 films
Gordon McMullanGordon McMullan
Lead Principal Associate
  • Joined Definia: October 2020
  • Key speciality: Digital solutions & analytics
  • Mastermind specialist subject: Marvel & DC characters
Richard Hearn
Lead Principal Associate
  • Joined Definia: April 2024
  • Key specialities: Large scale and strategic IT/ business transformation
  • Mastermind specialist subject: Flying aeroplanes

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