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InX Leadership Summit: CIA to CEO: The power of communication and negotiation for a fully aligned board

For the latest InX Leadership Summit we’re joined by Rupal Patel, Former CIA Officer, CEO, author, consultant, coach and mentor. Called a ‘Power Woman’ by Haper’s Bazaar, Rupal served in active war zones, advised Commanding Generals, and earned War Zone Service Medals and Meritorious Citations for “exceptional performance of duty” and “superior support to the President of the United States.” Her book, CIA to CEO provides a powerful toolkit for living and leading – it is no wonder last year she was named ‘One of the Most Influential Women of the Year’.

With the boardroom serving as the nerve centre of strategic decision-making, it is more crucial than ever to ensure everyone is on the same page. But how can these messages be communicated effectively with ALL board members? And how can you ensure everyone is not only on the same page, but wants to be?

During her keynote, Rupal will draw on her CIA training, industry-leading theory and real-life practical examples to highlight ways that will transform how boards can operate harmoniously. Communication is key, and whether you’re delivering information to the US President or getting technology leaders speaking the language of business and business leaders talking the language of tech, everyone needs to understand the message; and be ready to deliver when it’s time. It’s these truly unique experiences Rupal has that makes us so excited for the upcoming event.


22nd March 2024 | 5:30 pm


Rupal Patel

Rupal Patel

Ex-CIA - 2x CEO Bestselling Author - Leadership & Talent Development Consultant - Executive Coach - Helping emerging leaders close the Visibility Gap(TM) - "One of the Most Influential Women of 2023"