Consultancy business Definia has appointed Rachael Hays as its new Transformation Director. Joining the company after two years with RM PLC, a provider of learning resources and technology products to educational organisations, she will now head up the Definia transformation practice based in its London office.

A key focus in financial services this year has been agile transformation and the challenges that come with it. To address some of the myths surrounding agile and offer advice to organisations looking to carry out transformation programmes, Definia held a webinar on making agile work for your organisation. Grainne Costello, Strategic Account Manager, and Zak Meziane, agile transformation and leadership coach, were joined by leading financial services professionals from across our network.

Investigo Consulting, part of people solutions provider Investigo Group, has relaunched as Definia. An expert advisory and delivery partner, Definia offers tailored services to transform and futureproof businesses, either in the private or public sectors. It works by deploying teams of subject matter experts to help its clients deliver business initiatives, adopt new technology and bring about transformation.

When designing systems, it is crucial that the end users, whether they are customers, employees or other users, enjoy the experience of using the system.

Investigo staff, along with friends, family and professional networks, will be taking part in The Big Investigo Run on Friday 23rd April, in support of our charity partner St Mungo’s. Keen to pick up some useful running tips, Public Sector Director Michael Thornton spoke to his dad, Dave, an experienced runner whose athletics highlights include a charity relay from John o’Groats to London, completing the Frankfurt Marathon in two hours forty-five, and looking after Steve Ovett’s tracksuit! It turns out a lot of Dave’s running lessons are just as applicable to life in recruitment.

As Investigo Pride start our Spotlight Quarter with L-week, we thought it important to share a significant movement in history that demonstrates allyship and heartfelt support between lesbians, gay men and trans women, which formed the acronym we all know and recognise today as LGBTQ+.

People often talk about the size and breadth of their network, but it’s not about how many people you know, or even about the skills in your network. It’s about how you harness the talent in your network and mobilise the right people at the right times for the right projects. If you’re not engaging with them in the right way, they’re as good as strangers. At Investigo Consulting, our approach to resource augmentation is based on people.

For many decades now the expectation of continuous acceleration of change delivery has been a main driver of new delivery methodologies, new tools and techniques. The mainstream recognition of the benefits of Agile methods over waterfall and the (partial) adoption of this approach has brought a substantial change in perspective of what good looks like.

Since the untimely death of George Floyd, there have been calls for changes in the way companies and institutions manage diversity and inclusion, and now leaders are being tasked to improve the experiences of black people.

During the COVID-19 crisis, businesses across the globe have been forced to do things very differently, making quick decisions and even transforming their entire organisations within a matter of days. With many now thinking about how they can permanently implement these new ways of working into their organisations, Investigo hosted a roundtable discussion on Tuesday 5th May, centred on the new normal and relaunching business critical programmes in a remote environment. Hosted by our Director Marie Cuffaro and Cisco’s Group CIO Jacqui Guichelaar, the event brought together business leaders from across our network.