As part of The IN Group’s Executive Exchange series, they recently hosted a roundtable to discuss all things AI with technology experts, which included Lead Associate Partner, Gordon McMullan. Read Gordon’s full event wrap-up and explore his key insights below.

It was one of the first calls I received, on the first business day back from the festivities of the new year. The person on the line was really fired up—eager to charge ahead. The topic, how to accelerate the momentum of our consulting rebranding in a year that — thanks to Omicron, the energy pricing crisis, ‘partygate,’ and I must sadly include the demise of Blackberry — could easily feel like an extension of last year’s slog of supply chain snarls, operations chaos and endless VCs.

From COVID-19 to Brexit, IR35 to elections, the weather to wondering what is next, the last year and the year ahead will prove hard to forget. Given the considerable flux in the market, it’s hardly surprising that we have witnessed many companies reassessing their digital transformation agenda, and particularly the role of enterprise resource planning (ERP) to drive process and operational productivity, efficiencies and their user’s journeys.