Becca BoultonBecca Boulton

Becca Boulton

Brand manager | Definia & InX

Becca’s made a massive difference since she arrived in May 2023 to conceive, create and run quality marketing campaigns for Definia. It’s easy to see how; she has the kind of creativity that turns brainstorms into brand awareness, the passion that turns doubters into disciples, and the belief that makes the impossible, possible. As a self-confessed spreadsheet enthusiast (this extends to her life away from Definia, by the way) she also has the kind of organised mind that brings ideas to life.

Ever lively and energetic, Becca’s passionate about building communities and working with the team to help them showcase the great work they do, skills she’s honed to perfection in over seven years in marketing and branding.

She once had the pleasure of appearing on BBC One’s Bargain Hunt…but lost her money on a glockenspiel. When it comes to marketing, though, she tends to hit the right note.