Florence SanniFlorence Sanni

Florence Sanni

Service delivery manager | Definia

Joining us in January 2023, Florence is a crucial connector who helps Definia function as effectively as possible. Her role of service delivery manager makes her the conduit between our clients, associates PMO, contracts and finance teams, so whenever there’s a question or challenge related to a client account, she’s the first point of call.

Having spent over five years as a team lead in change and transformation for a top four UK bank and led service delivery in digital solutions and consultancy environments, she’s pretty undaunted by anything a client relationship can throw at her.

As a child, she was featured in a 1997 Labour Party campaign video dancing around a maypole singing, ‘Things can only get better.’ She’s spent a lot of her life since then making things better, hosting DEI events and taking part in charitable initiatives, like the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.