Rachael HaysRachael Hays

Rachael Hays

Transformation and change director | Definia

In many ways, Rachael’s Definia story epitomises what we’re all about. Originally meeting us as a client, she found us so collaborative and approachable that she decided to join. We’re all glad she did!

Although she’s only been with Definia since January 2023, Rachael’s already worked on dozens of projects and is the go-to person for portfolio, programme, project and change management. Building up her skills over 23 years in FMCG, media, professional services and education, Rachael’s an adaptable, strategic leader who knows how to connect with a person at their core.

With that rare ability to bring direction and vision to digital transformation, change management and product development, Rachael has a proven track record of implementing processes, products and initiatives that make businesses work better.

An analytical thinker, Rachael has a knack for creative problem-solving and coming up with great ideas. Maybe it’s unsurprising that she’s also taking a degree in psychology. Like she wasn’t busy enough!

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