Rachael JonesRachael Jones

Rachael Jones

Chief Marketing Officer | The IN Group

Rachael joined us in January 2023 to drive The IN Group’s global marketing plan across the UK, Europe and US, in line with our overall business strategy. It’s fair to say there are few people in the industry with quite the breadth of experience; in over 25 years in marketing, Rachael has delivered high quality global marketing and commercial campaigns for some of the most recognisable brands on the planet, including the BBC, Microsoft Advertising, National Car Rental and Virgin Travelstore.

Being a modest soul, Rachael likes to downplay her football skills, but don’t be fooled – she used to play for Fulham and remains pretty handy with a ball at her feet. Just don’t ask her for directions: she once hitchhiked from Athens to London and got a train from Paris to Madrid, thinking Madrid was on the coast. For someone whose immediate family heritage is English, Scottish, Welsh, Austrian, Slovakian, Croatian, Hungarian, Czech and Irish, you’d think she might know her way around!