Will JonesWill Jones

Will Jones

Director | Definia

Joining us in 2021, Will leads Definia’s strategic vision, operational excellence and client engagement.

With a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and transformation, Will’s a bit of a visionary when it comes to workforce solutions. He’s spent almost 20 years coming up with innovative talent and workforce strategies to drive organisational change, digital transformation and cost optimisation programmes.

In particular, he excels in implementing strategies that align outcomes with business objectives, in a way that ensures sustainable growth. Will’s a firm believer that our success is based on our clients’ success, and it’s that customer centricity that defines his approach to change management.

He’s also keen to please in a culinary sense, being a trained chef who used to work in Michelin starred restaurants. Considering he’s maybe the tallest person at The IN Group, you can see where the breadth of his vision comes from.

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