From COVID-19 to Brexit, IR35 to elections, the weather to wondering what is next, the last year and the year ahead will prove hard to forget. Given the considerable flux in the market, it’s hardly surprising that we have witnessed many companies reassessing their digital transformation agenda, and particularly the role of enterprise resource planning (ERP) to drive process and operational productivity, efficiencies and their user’s journeys. It is certainly true that 2020 recorded fewer new ERP programmes starting than we would typically expect, but if our client conversations at the start of 2021 are a measure of things to come, the current crisis has only cemented the need for organisations to refocus their business models; from simplifying inventory management to increasing efficiencies across sales, purchasing, finance, and accounting.

For any business grappling with the question of how to pursue digital transformation, investigating the benefits of a modern ERP system is a great place to start. ERP systems discreetly record every keystroke, transaction and sales line. This is a massive untapped asset and many businesses are speaking to us about re-evaluating their ERP as part of their sustainable digital strategy.

To overcome an existing misconception, modern ERP solutions are not the preserve of Fortune 500 companies. Our clients of all sizes gain enormous benefits from implementing an ERP solution in their businesses too. But when it comes to ERP deployment there is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution and it’s all too easy to get carried along by the cloud vs hosted vs hybrid vs on-premise hype or misinformation. For our clients, knowledge is power – to be able to ignore the hype and look at the various deployment options through the lens of ‘what are the related benefits for my business?’ Ultimately, think purpose first and technology second. It’s the mentality of commoditising some of the basics and gaining clarity on what differentiates you, and making sure you are working with an ERP provider who shares this philosophy and can offer you the options you need to ensure your ERP system delivers.

Choosing an ERP that can grow and expand as your needs change is essential for the success of your business. An ERP system that can seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate with the solutions you need both now and in the future is crucial. For example, many of our clients use a leading marketing CRM solution to manage business development and marketing functions. With new developments in ERP integration, data management, analytics and mobile accessibility, your business can enjoy the benefits of both pieces of software without compromising – having a single source of truth, providing real-time information on exactly how your company is performing.

Our reality is that we live in an omnichannel, international world of commerce presenting another set of challenges to the modern organisation. The only way to stay on top of the ebb and flow of consumer demand is to harness the huge data management, processing and analytics power of today’s future-proofed ERP software. It is these efficiency gains and through embracing lean thinking that we enable our clients to enhance the ROI of their ERP solution to handle business in the ‘new norm’. We’re here to help every client to make this successful.


Many organisations remain nervous about recommencing or starting ERP transformations from scratch, particularly in view of the significant financial commitment involved. In many ways, the business benefits are more prominent than ever with clients emerging better equipped to compete and succeed. We assist our clients in deciding which functions are most relevant to the operation of the business and if, when and how these should be adopted. We act as their intelligent partner, providing stable and reliable leadership, guiding them through the transformation journey, managing the incumbent suppliers, the business and technology teams.

If you’d like any more advice about restarting an ERP transformation or you want to strengthen your team to help instigate the change your business needs to thrive, please contact us.

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