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Digital Solutions

A digital culture empowers you to deliver results faster. Fusing startup thinking and agile methods with the knowhow to perform on an industrial scale, we help organisations increase their customer value, achieve operational effectiveness and drive new revenue streams through the strategic adoption of technology.

Digital products and services

We make digital transformation and user engagement a reality. A customer strategy truly stands out when you create a fully integrated and cohesive customer experience, no matter how or where your customer interacts with you. We help you connect seamlessly with your customer to drive loyalty and retention, and increase campaign personalisation with our intelligent data driven customer platform.

We also help our clients realise their digital workplace potential. Our specialists design and implement cost-effective, integrated and secure capabilities to provide the mobility your employees require to create the best user experience.

Information management and insight

We turn your complex data into your most powerful asset. Our ‘data first’ methodology prioritises building repeatable, scalable and robust data capabilities. By enabling you to become an effective, data-driven organisation, we empower your use of automation and analytics in an environment of constant learning. We cover:

  • Omni-channel
  • Advanced analytics and visualisation
  • Hyper-automation
  • Master data management
  • IoT
  • Data governance / protection
Before digital transformation, you need a digital culture

Cyber security

We provide advisory and execution services for enterprise security. Our adaptive protection fortifies your users, networks, devices and programs and protects your data from malicious attack, ensuring its confidentiality, integrity and availability, regardless of location. We cover:

  • Security operations centres
  • Identity and access management
  • Cloud security
  • DevSecOps / application security
  • Operational technology security
  • Governance, compliance and risk

Architecture leadership

We help you create the right strategic architecture for your organisation, no matter your size or starting point, to ensure you have the right technology to shape your future. We cover:

  • IT strategy and effectiveness
  • Application and systems architecture
  • Cloud consumer platforms
  • Software development

Enterprise Applications

We enable our clients to realise the potential of enterprise resource planning (ERP) to drive process and operational productivity, efficiencies and their user’s journeys. With specialisms across Finance, Supply Chain, HCM, Procurement, Manufacturing, Sales, Logistics. We Cover:

  • Programme Leadership, Governance and Delivery
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Process Optimisation and Solution Architecture
  • Master Data Management and Migration
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Change & Training Solutions

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