People often talk about the size and breadth of their network, but it’s not about how many people you know, or even about the skills in your network. It’s about how you harness the talent in your network and mobilise the right people at the right times for the right projects. If you’re not engaging with them in the right way, they’re as good as strangers. At Investigo Consulting, our approach to resource augmentation is based on people.

Investigo Consulting operates extensively across the public and private sector, with access to over 100 trusted advisors in our Investigo Partners network and in excess of 2000 associates across our professional networks. This is supplemented by our reach in supply chain management and procurement. Crucially, we engage with active dialogue with on average 50% of the available associates. We know what they’re about, we know what they bring to the table and we know how their professional aspirations develop over time.

Our work in the public sector gives us access to a large number of BPSS and SC-cleared consultants. Many of our public sector engagements are within the procurement disciplines, providing a rich source of prequalified resources with the appropriate clearance to accelerate onboarding. It’s through quality and capable associates, delivered to forecast, that we can underpin businesses and reinforce their delivery through quality.

We have invested in a mobilisation and execution service, underpinned through terms of reference and statements of work. This brings a number of advantages:

  • Clients can utilise this framework to mobilise trusted talent in their network, as well as using our own consultants if required
  • Investigo can adopt risk-sharing in the outcome to demonstrate confidence and competency
  • Clients can ensure that strategic engagements using domain expertise can accelerate outcomes through rapid deployment.
  • The automation of deliverables and approval management measure the outcome with the flexibility of in-built change control
  • This approach supports the changing IR35 legislation and underpins the delivery with a cross-party insurance.

We aim to provide a seamless service that shifts to meet your changing needs, giving you the flexibility to scale up or down to get your project over the line. The most critical aspect of this approach is communication, not just between Investigo Consulting and our network of experts, but between us and the client. Once you confirm your requirements, we make the appropriate resources ready and available for deployment.

To find out more about what Investigo Consulting can do for your business, please get in touch for an informal chat. Our relationships are the reason it works.

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