Meeting Definia’s associate network: a chat with Elizabeth Eather 

Everything we do at Definia revolves around the strength of our relationships. A key part of that are our associates.

What’s your current role? 

I’m the Change Lead at Mars, working on the Digital@Commercial Programme. 

What does this entail? 

My role involves overall strategic planning and oversight of the change activities being undertaken across the global Digital@Commercial Programme, which impacts all segments at Mars (i.e. Mars Wrigley, Mars Food, Pet Nutrition and Mars Global Services). 

I represent change management at senior programme steering committee meetings. As well as liaising with change managers operating on various workstreams of the project, and setting strategic change processes and guidance, I liaise with senior Mars stakeholders in relation to what’s coming up for the programme, any questions we have of them from a senior stakeholder perspective, and latest adoption performance results for the commercial tools being introduced. 

Where appropriate, I deep dive to quickly rectify change management-based problems which may be emerging within the programme across a range of commercial tools, such as based vendor lifecycle management, supplier performance management, e-sourcing, contract lifecycle management, analytics and insights-based tools. 

I also develop adoption performance dashboards and maintain a ‘digital influence’ change champion network. 

How did you first become involved with the Definia team? 

I had work relationships with Definia partners and directors from my previous change management roles when I needed to hire change management resources. I’ve been a Definia associate for just over a year, starting in October 2022. The onboarding was seamless, involving a walkthrough of how Definia works, what the work arrangement would entail and details of the contract.  

How have you found being a Definia associate? 

I have really enjoyed my time as a Definia associate so far. Other Definia associates that I have come across have been great to work with. There is a sense of community across the Definia associate cohort, with people eager to provide insight and guidance if needed and catch up for lunches or after work drinks when we come into the office for the day. The Definia leadership I have worked with has been very honest, upfront and supportive. Definia has a range of interesting clients, and I am looking forward to working with Definia on exciting opportunities for my next engagement.  

How have you stayed in touch with the Definia team? 

There’s the right balance of phone and coffee catchups (with Kieren Stevens, partner for change management at Definia), and organised social events. There often comes a point where there are too many, but the amount which occur in the Definia associate network seems just right for me! I like how Definia associates onsite are encouraged to get to know each other. It’s nice to make these relationships and have people in the workplace that you can go to, whether it’s to ask questions, get their insights or catch up for lunch. 

If you want to find out more about Definia’s associate network or would like to speak to our experts about delivering the change your business needs, please get in touch with our team.